An Integrative Approach

By acknowledging the strengths and weaknesses of both the Conventional and Naturopathic models, Dr. Eckart bridges the gap and utilizes both systems to optimize patient care. Her training in women's health, family medicine, midwifery, and Holistic Pelvic Care provider her a unique perspective and skill set.

A Mother's Health

Dr. Eckart finds treating women, specifically mothers, especially rewarding. She believes that in caring for the mother, she cares for the whole family. Women juggle a multitude of responsibilities and often sacrifice their own health when caring for the family. Many women with young children have not had routine medical care since their six-week postpartum visit. In the years following childbirth, women are especially sensitive to hormone changes compounded by new stressors and sleep deprivation. It is in the years following childbirth that women show signs of depletion, experience fatigue and can struggle adapting to a new sense of being. Parenting is exhausting but a supported mother can more easily adapt to the joys and stressors of modern motherhood. You can trust that Dr. Eckart will listen to your story, acknowledge your efforts and work with you to regain your health. In prioritizing your health, the whole family benefits.

Hormone and Thyroid Health

Hormonal issues are all too common in our modern society. Women are seeking safe and effective treatment options for their hormonal concerns: hot flashes, brain fog, vaginal dryness, low libido, mood variability, fatigue and advanced aging. Dr. Eckart utilizes natural therapies including herbs, supplements, diet and lifestyle modifications as well as  bio-identical hormone replacement therapy (BHT) to alleviate symptoms and improve quality of life.

Thyroid disease effects 1 in every 8 women during their lifetime. Symptoms may include: fatigue, anxiety, hair loss, difficulty losing weight, irregular menses, and depression. Dr. Eckart acknowledges a close relationship between the thyroid, sex hormones, and the adrenal glands (which govern the stress response.) A complete intake and careful lab interpretation, guide Dr. Eckart as she approaches each unique thyroid case.